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  • Evan McCoy

Why We Need to Vote for Democrats on November 6th, 2018

Sensible, good people need to get out there and vote - and we need to vote for Democrats.

If you’re looking for a friendly, bipartisan article that asks you to vote, regardless of party affiliation, simply because voting is important… you may want to look elsewhere.

I’m writing this to encourage you to vote in the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, 2018, yes, but more specifically to encourage you to vote for Democrats. Any and all Democrats that you have the ability to vote for.

Here’s why.

I think anyone who has been paying attention for the last two years knows that our country is in a state of crisis. Some people may think that phrasing is dramatic, and those people probably live pretty privileged lives. It’s not dramatic for LGBTQ people, for black people, for immigrants, for women, for Jews, or for any other group that is being systematically undermined by the president and his bevy of mindless supporters on a daily basis.

The scariest thing Trump and his team have done is to convince half of the country not to listen to the media because it’s “fake news.” That concept absolutely terrifies me. Eliminating the legitimacy of the press is one of the first things tyrants and dictators do, because then they can continually discredit that same press when they begin reporting on the horrifying things said tyrant/dictator is doing. For the Trump administration, those reports come out daily, and daily his followers are told to ignore the “fake news” media. And ignore it they do.

It’s horrifying.

That’s only the first step. The second thing Trump does is to mock people from the groups he is trying to discredit. He mocks and bullies women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, etc - all in the name of denouncing Democrats and their policies. He sows political discord in the worst possible way: by using personal attacks as a means to an end.

His followers love it, the media covers it, people get angry, and the cycle begins again.

As that cycle continues, the tension between conservatives and liberals gets increasingly taut. People struggle to have conversations with people in their daily lives who have views that differ from their own, simply because the stories coming from this administration’s activities ignite passions in people that, for most, transcend political lines.

As passions ignite, radical people feel emboldened to take action. Then they do things like shoot up churches full of black people, or shoot up synagogues full of Jews, or send pipe bombs in the mail to leaders of an opposing political party.

And instead of condemning that behavior and expressing support for the victims, Trump typically tweets out a thinly veiled condolence and then proceeds to talk about the second amendment, fake news, and liberal agendas. Instead of using tragedy to bring people together, as it typically does, our president has succeeded in using it to further ignite the fires that seperate us.

All because it benefits him and the chaos and discord that keep him in power.

In a government that was operating as it should, a president like Donald Trump would have sensible people in the House and the Senate (and in his own cabinet) that would keep him in line. Instead, we have a batch of Republicans who value furthering their own political careers over doing what’s right.

Instead of standing up to Trump when he is so clearly wrong, the Republicans in office go along with what he wants because, unfortunately, the majority of their supporters still support Trump. If their supporters support Trump, they need to support Trump if they want to remain in favor with those supporters. So the cycle continues, with a minority of helpless Democrats in office trying fruitlessly to be sensible human beings.

I am purposefully putting this frankly and using strong language because it’s true - I’m tired of people beating around the bush and pretending like none of this is happening. It is happening, and on November 6th, 2018, the people in this country finally have the power to do something about it.

I can’t express how important it is that you go vote for Democrats on November 6th. You likely won’t agree with all of their policies on everything. They likely will not be perfect people or candidates. But at this point, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is getting them in office to try to balance out the horrifying excess of power that the current administration has over this country.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be a two-party system. In an ideal world, we would vote for the people who most closely represented our values and beliefs and they would all have a chance to win. But this is not an ideal world. In this world, you need to pick a side. And regardless of what side you were on previously, we need good people to vote for Democrats in 2018.

If you value other people and their rights, you will vote for Democrats. If you recognize that the state of democracy as a whole is in danger, you will vote for Democrats. If you value the earth living beyond the next few decades, you will vote for Democrats. If you want any chance of things going back to the way they were prior to 2016, you will vote for Democrats.

I am begging those of you who consider yourselves to be moderates or even Republicans to vote for Democrats on November 6th. That is all I can say. And for anyone reading this who might be a Democrat, my plea to you is to vote. Go use your voice. Don’t sit back and hope that other people will do it for you.

Go vote on November 6th. And vote for Democrats. We need each and every one of you.

Use this link to register to vote, check your polling location, or learn about how to vote early.

polling location to vote with semi circle flags above voting booths

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